Office of Larry W. George
articles & lecturing
  • State Ownership of Colonial Mineral Reservations in British North America
    (publication pending)

  • Ownership of Minerals Under Public Highways and Streambeds
    Energy & Mineral Law Foundation (2000, Revised 2010)
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  • Public Rights in West Virginia Watercourses: A Unique Legacy of Virginia Common Lands and the Jus Publicum of the English Crown, 101 W.Va. Law Review 407 (1998)
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  • Environmental Claims in Bankruptcy Cases, W.Va. State Bar CLE

  • Water Rights and Riparian Rights, W.Va. State Bar CLE

  • Environmental Issues in Real Estate Transactions, W.Va. State Bar CLE


Topics include transactional and financial aspects of mineral development and natural resources lands, water law and riparian rights, and environmental and mining claims in bankruptcy cases. Presentations made to:
Energy & Mineral Law Foundation
U.S. Bankruptcy Trustees Office
W.Va. Bankers Association
W.Va. Chamber of Commerce
W.Va. Coal Association
W.Va. Land and Mineral Owners Association
W.Va. State Bar Continuing Legal Education